Visual Art II
1 year
10 – 12
Individual portfolio or Visual Art I

This course continues the expressive exploration of tools, materials and art-making processes begun in Visual Art I. Students create both two- and three-dimensional artworks that advance conceptual ideation, refine a variety of artistic techniques and demonstrate mastery of different media. Students continue to develop their understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite while using the computer as an artistic tool. Although assignment-based, students are expected to work more independently and to extend the parameters of any given assignment in personal and meaningful ways. Artwork produced should be well-crafted, unique and original as well purposeful. Successful students use some of the images/objects produced

in the Visual Art II course to meet some of the portfolio requirements for the next level of study- either the AP Studio Art or IBHL program. Most of the curriculum can be finished during class time, but it is not unusual for some students to take work home or spend additional time after school working. The Art Department has a wide range of materials available for student use, but occasionally a student may need to purchase special or unusual items. Student work is assessed based on use of compositional space, use of class-time, craftsmanship and creativity in finding solutions. Students explore ideas, document personal progress and record their reflections while maintaining a blog.