Digital Photography
1 year
9 – 12

This is an introductory course where students learn about the camera as a communicative tool. Each student must have their own camera or at least consistent access to a digital camera with manual features or settings such as: aperture priority, manual settings, shutter speed priority and the ability to shoot in a variety of settings. Students must have their own camera because we explore and use the camera on a daily basis. The camera should be capable of capturing images at least 5 megapixels in file resolution (greater ability than that of a cell phone). Students learn about the technical/mechanical aspects of the camera and use portions of the Adobe Creative Suite-- specifically Photoshop- -to manage and manipulate their images. Students will learn a wide variety of skills in order to express themselves

artists; assignments will explore traditional subject matter like portraits, still lifes, and landscapes and are based on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Most of the course work is completed in class; however, students will have anywhere/anytime access to the software and are expected to shoot material for class at home or “on location”. Shooting assignments often begin with field trips into the neighborhoods surrounding school. Student work is assessed on the use of composition, use of class-time, craftsmanship and creative solutions. Students explore image making and ideas, build a body of work, and record their reflections by maintaining a blog.