Computer Graphics and Design
1 year
9 – 12

In this introductory class students, harnessing the power of the one to one laptop initiative, gain marketable 21st century skills. Students are introduced to aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite and use the computer as an artistic tool that to draw, illustrate and compose images that are charged with personal subject matter and address global issues. Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, both powerful and professional grade design software systems, students gain first-hand experience leading to an understanding of how text and visual elements are created, manipulated and used, on a daily basis, in visual communication. Creativity, concept development, and craftsmanship will be stressed during the completion of each

assignment. Students gain an understanding of contemporary artistic trends in the design world while developing their own complex ideas for a variety of assignments. Students should be able to move easily to other technologies and software as they learn how computers work and increase their ability to manipulate diverse visual elements. The work that students generate in this class could easily be used to meet part of the AP Studio Art Design Portfolio requirements or form the basis of further investigation in the IB program. Student work is assessed in terms of the use of composition, use of class-time, craftsmanship and creative solutions. Students explore ideas and record their reflections while maintaining a blog.